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Crispy Scallion Potato Pancakes

This morning I tried the Crispy Scallion Potato Pancakes for breakfast with a poached egg on top and they were delicious.  I sometimes struggle to get my potato pancake crispy enough and this recipe nailed it!  The only thing I would change is maybe a bit less salt.  The recipe calls for a ½ tsp and it could use a pinch less.  I would not go to a ¼ tsp the pancakes need the salt.  Check it out for yourself you may like it that way.  I also think a poached egg was perfect on top or you may even add a spoonful of sour cream – that would be delicious also.  The original recipe came from:

I used my giant grater which was a bit finer than a standard box grater so the chunks on potato were smaller and I think you could also exchange the scallions for a shallot finely chopped or another onion you had.  I mixed the ingredients, placed a spoonful in a pan of hot oil and patted them down to make a patty and when the edges started to brown flipped them over (which was about 5 minutes) then cooked them another 5 minutes and they were perfect!

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